Aether Playground
3 min readNov 18, 2021


Aether Playground NFT Project.


First Character, Bitbird Hatching on 11/22/21

What is Aether Playground?

A ‘Street Art’ focused PFP NFT Project built on the Tezos Blockchain.

The Project is aimed at Collectors. Sneakerheads. Street Art lovers & the Crypto Community.

DNA Swag is Algorithmically assigned to create 7,000 unique pieces per character- assembled randomly from hand drawn layers by artist Tristan Minton.

We have Over 300 traits & rarities including expressions, sneakers, headwear, jewels, swag packs & drip.

All are going to THUMP, but some are more RARE than others. No two are alike!

AP characters are available for purchase as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Tezos Blockchain.

What is PFP?

A PFP stands for ‘Profile Picture’. We wanted to be the first ‘street art’ focused PFP in the crypto space.

What does Aether mean?

“According to ancient and medieval science, aether (/ˈiːθər/, alternative spellings include æther, aither, and ether), also known as the fifth element or quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.”

What blockchain? What price? Wen Drop?

Tezos Blockchain. Mint price 10 xtz & Drop is on 11/22/21

Is there a presale ?

We do have a whitelist! Join our discord to find out how to get on the whitelist! (link at bottom)

What do I need If I want to mint?

You will need Tezos (XTZ) to mint (purchase) — you can buy XTZ from coinbase or other exchanges.

You will need to set up a temple wallet for minting.

Send XTZ from coinbase (or similar) to your new Temple wallet address.

Please account for time and gas beforehand. You will be able to connect your temple wallet to our for the minting process.

What is Tezos?

Tezos is the blockchain we are using for verification and authenticity of each NFT.

What does mint mean and how do I do it?

We will have an explainer video “walkthrough” for people that need extra help. You will goto the minter dapp and connect your wallet.

Why did you choose the Tezos ecosystem?

When we started this project, our aim was to be fair.

We listened to the NFT community and wanted to tap an unsaturated blockchain with gas prices fair for everyone. Tezos was the perfect fit.

How do you ensure a fair distribution?

The contract contains a provenance hash (An IPFS-hash that points to a document containing a mapping from token ids to a fingerprint of the art). This allows anyone to verify that we didn’t assign Bitbirds after minting them. Asbjorn Enge wrote a great article here to help understand the process:

How are the files hosted?

We are using IPFS. No servers can go down so your NFT will never be lost.

Is the team anonymous?

No. We are here for the long run. All team information is available on our website.

The Aether Playground is just getting started. We have plans for expansion and plans to reward holders. We can’t leak any details yet, as we don’t want to over-promise, but we are excited to say the least.

What happens after I mint?

After you mint, the token(s) will be visible in your wallet.

Initially, you will only see the egg and all traits will be hidden. It’s only after the sale ends, that the actual Bitbird(s) you minted will be revealed to you. It is planned for this to happen one day after the sale is over.

Where will these NFTs be listed and tradable?

Bitbird FA2 tokens will have their own collection on

When will the merch store be launched?

A week after sell out! We want to make sure we have community input on items to start with. Hats first.




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Aether Playground

A ‘Street Art’ focused PFP NFT Project built on the Tezos Blockchain.